Made with 100% locally sourced apples, this sweet apple wine smells like a traditional white wine, but drinks closer to a hard cider. 

West Prairie White

Refreshing semi sweet white wine with floral aroma and citrus tones.


An un-oaked red that is light and easy to drink. Can easily be paired with red sauced pasta dishes and other classic red wine pairings.


 This wine retains the tart, fruit notes from the grapes and balances them with a lightly oaked bouquet.

La Crescent Faux Ice Wine

SOLD OUT - A faux ice wine with sweet, concentrated flavors of apricot and tropical fruit.

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Available to ship to:
Alaska, California, Florida,  Minnesota, 
Rhode Island, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Illinois

Barrel Select Chambourcin

Only our finest Chambourcin grapes were selected to be fermented and aged in oak barrels. This is a limited produced dry red wine that is smokey and has notes of ripe red cherries.

Simply Brianna

SOLD OUT - Made with organically grown Brianna grapes, this wine has been produced with the least amount of wine making interruptions as possible.We approached this wine with the philosophy of just keeping it simple. 


SOLD OUT - This deliciously berry wine is a made using only Raspberries. It can easily be paired with chocolate desserts.

The Fire of 1888 Reserve

SOLD OUT - The fire of 1888 destroyed all but a handful of downtown buildings in Trempealeau. This wine is meant to share our history as you share a glass (or bottle). Made from Frontenac grapes, this wine was fortified up to 19% alcohol with organic grape spirits.

2017 Marquette Rosé

Elmaro’s Marquette Rosé is done in a classic Southern French style to create the most pleasant and enjoyable wine possible. Notes of red berries are evident in the aroma. Simply chill and enjoy.

Tra La La

A light and deliciously fun blend for Traminette and La Crescent grapes come together to make this sweet white wine.

La Crescent

An off-dry white with notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit.


  • Gold Medal - Riverside International Wine Competition in California
  • Currant Affair


This is one of the few Wisconsin wines done in the traditional method Champenoise, or fermenting of the wine in individual bottles. This produces a delicious sparkling wine worth the years of waiting. Pop open a bottle to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy with some strawberries.

Our Products

From award winning wines to low sugar jelly, Elmaro Vineyard takes pride in everything it produces.

3 Cheers

An easy drinking, semi-sweet, red wine, with notes of Concord, cherry, and oak.

Elmaro Rosa

Sweet red wine with notes of Concord grape, plum, and sassafras.


Semi-Sweet white wine with mild, fruity labrusca flavors. The Edelweiss grapes were harvested in three different vineyards in Vernon Country, Wisconsin.

Vidal Blanc

SOLD OUT - Light & crisp with apple and citrus notes.

Frontenac Gris Ice Wine

SOLD OUT - Picked at a frigid 6 degrees, this true ice wine never got above 19 degrees while being pressed. The sweet juice, that ran like syrup from the press, first tested at 50% sugar. This wine retains that sweetness without being syrupy or thick. It’s clean flavors of apple and aromas of butterscotch and honey blossom are a true delight and an a Chairman’s Award Winner at the 2014 Riverside International Wine Competition.

St Pepin

 Made with the St Pepin grape, this wine drink more like an Alsatian Riesling than a mid-western hybrid. Enjoy a glass with Caesar salads, pasta with white sauces, or stronger cheeses. 


An oaked, dry red with notes of dark red berries, vanilla, caramel, and smoke. Can easily be paired with red sauced pasta dishes and other classic red wine pairings.


Made with 100% Wisconsin grown Cranberries. This wine has the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness from the berries we use to create it. Enjoy a glass with poultry or just with good company.

sweet cheeks

SOLD OUT - A beautiful blend of La Crescent and Marquette grapes come together to make a semi-sweet rose that will make you blush.